When compiling the rating, attention will be paid to the presence of a corporate governance system, the number of qualified specialists, and the results of participation in tenders.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to introduce the procedure for calculating and maintaining the rating of design and survey and contracting organizations in order to create healthy competition in the constructions market and improve the quality of construction.

The relevant ministry will assign this or that position in the rating of constructions organizations.

What is the rating for?

According to experts, such a system will make it possible to form a unified electronic database of licensed construction contractors. The rating will also help to achieve compliance of construction, survey and contractors with urban planning standards, contribute to the development of the design market.

How the rating of constructions

Ranking position will be determined based on a number of indicators. They will pay attention to the presence of a corporate governance system, the number of qualified specialists, the results of participation in tenders.

Among the determining factors are profit and stability of financial indicators, absence of tax arrears.

The Ministry of Construction, the State Tax Committee, the State Statistics Committee, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations were instructed to develop and commission software integrated with the national information system “Transparent Construction” within a month.

In February, the President signed a decree on the introduction of an improved procedure for state construction control of construction, reconstruction and overhaul facilities from April 1, 2020.

During 2020, a phased implementation of information and communication technologies, including electronic document management, is being carried out.

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